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International Health Services

Get to Know Merisidaly Clinic!

Merisidaly Clinic is a hair transplant and plastic surgery company established by considering the latest technology medical devices and international surgical quality standards. With its expert, educated and multicultural staff, it has provided 100% patient satisfaction throughout its service; has become an institution that is respected, preferred, trusted and accepted as a reference.

Our company is aware that change will open the door to a new and better life. For this reason, he responds to people’s desire for change with his surgical touches.

Merisidaly Clinic, with its values, infrastructure and services, has a vision to be one of the first companies that come to mind in the world and in Turkey when it comes to “hair transplant and plastic surgery”. In addition, Merisidaly Clinic aims to be a company that creates new standards rather than meeting them.

Merisidaly Clinic provides 100% patient satisfaction with its innovative, multicultural, respectful, reliable and friendly service, expanding hair transplantation and other complementary treatments and making its services accessible to all segments.