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Check-Up for Your Lifelong Health In terms of the continuity of your health throughout your life, not only healing with treatment at the time of being sick, but also preventing many diseases before they occur; It also requires a state of physical, mental and social health.

For Your Lifelong Health; It is very important to take early precautions against the physiological problems that arise with the advancing age over time, with the five golden rules of proper and healthy nutrition, maintaining weight balance, regular exercise, a stress-free mental balance, maintaining a quality sleep pattern. In case of the presence of a disease before the symptoms begin, it can be detected with scans. With early diagnosis before the disease progresses, it can be intervened without disturbing the comfort zone. In order to avoid all these situations, preventive health care should be taken. We offer the preventive health service, which we try to maintain the balance of these five golden rules and to ensure the continuity of health, with our expert staff and the quality of Hisar Hospital.

Find Out Your Susceptibility To Diseases

It is vital to carry out age-related risk analyzes with personalized preventive health services, to have a family history of a disease and health screenings according to genetic predispositions. By learning about the genetic diseases you carry, your predisposition and diseases that can be passed on to your child with genes through genetic screening check-up programs; With the necessary precautions in advance, you can spend your life in a healthier way.


  • Standard Male Check-Up Screening Program
  • Standard Female Check-Up Screening Program
  • General Male Check-Up Program
  • General Women’s Check-Up Program
  • Comprehensive Male Check-Up Program
  • Comprehensive Women’s Check-Up Program
  • Child Standard Check-Up Program
  • Child General Check-Up Program
  • Child Comprehensive Check-Up Program
  • Health Check Up Program After Covid-19
  • Heart And Lung Health Check Up Program
  • Chronic Fatigue Check-Up Program
  • My Hair Health Check Up Program
  • Platinum Package Check Up Male
  • Platinum Package Check Up Woman
  • Forgetfulness Check Up Program (Alzheimer/Dementia)
  • Breast Health Check Up Program
  • Carer Recruitment Panel
  • Recruitment Panel (Comprehensive)
  • Recruitment Panel (General)-Internal Medicine
  • Company Scanning Program
  • Site Crawl Program

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